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My lovely Family

My lovely Family

Zoei & Weston

Zoei & Weston
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fun hands on activities for sight words

Having trouble getting your child to learn letters or sight words?  Here are some ways that I have used in our homeschool to get my daughter to learn. These are fun ways that help the kids be hands on. My daughter is very hands on learner when I introduced her to these she was excited to “play” learn.  These are just a few ways that I have tried so far that work for us.  I have seen an improvement by adding these to our school days. I try to make learning fun for my kids. (This post has affiliate links added and I may receive compensation if products are purchased through the links.) So, let’s get started.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

How I was Injured.

Injury update? If you are new to the blog I was injured on the 10th of June. I was at my annual training for the National guard. We were in Kansas and I live in Oklahoma.  We were on a live fire range qualifying on our weapons. There were only 3 teams/trucks going down range to qualify my truck and another two trucks. We were working out butts off to try and get these qualifications knocked out. When I got hurt we didn’t have much longer left on out training.
My truck just got done on the firing line so we dropped off all our spent brass off to the ammo shack. Then I started to ground guide (walk) the truck back around the gravel parking lot to get back in line to go back down range. I was walking in front of the Humvee so my driver can see me.  I went to slowly turn to look over my shoulder to check the distance between myself and the Humvee. I guess there wasn’t enough room like I was hoping to find.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Ducks on the ground.

It’s getting cooler here in the great state of Oklahoma. Plus, it is hunting season. I hope I get to go this season I was only able to go twice last season. Which sucks because I love going. That is was happens when you have a toddler. I cannot wait until he is old enough to go and sit quietly in the blind with us. Zoei loves going hunting with the husband Weston just isn’t ready yet. He is only 3 and way to rambunctious. I need duck recipes so if you know any please comment with your favorites.
Green winged teal

Friday, November 18, 2016

Best Cookies EVER!!

      Tonight Zoei and I made some of the best cookies ever. I haven't baked in a really long time my poor kitchen aid was feeling pretty abandoned. My husband told me I had to get back into using it. He jokingly said "I didn't buy that so it can just sit on the counter and look pretty" Well tonight I put that bad boy to use again. Hopefully this is the start to more baked goods. I use to make a lot of homemade bread.  I had to buy a new cookie sheet since I didnt have one. I also picked up the cookie scooper thing which works amazing at making the perfect size cookies.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Some homeschool pick ups.

I picked up some things for our homeschool room. I thought I would share them with y’all. I finally mad a trip out to our local school supplies store Lakeshore. Oh man was I in heaven that place had so many things. They had manipulative's out so the kids could test/play with them which was awesome. That helped us pick out 2 things for the kids to add to our classroom. So let’s get started.
I went to Lakeshore for one thing only and that was a canvas calendar holder. Well that is what I call it. We had a regular class calendar that I found at target It was super cute but wasn’t practical. I had to use sticky tack to put the new month up and the numbers on the calendar. At first it was no big deal but It was getting tedious and was tearing up my numbers pulling them off to start over. So we decided to buy the canvas hanging calendar holder. This one you can hang on your wall but has little slots that you slide the month and days in. This makes changing the month and days super easy. I just made my own days of the week to put in the days slots. I also had to make a card for Veteran’s Day neither calendar had a Veteran’s Day holiday card. That makes me a little disappointed. Other than that I am loving this calendar. You can find the classroom calendar kit here.
Before the Calendar kit

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Homeschool update

      Today we had a pretty good homeschool day. Zoei normally writes some of her numbers backwards which is normal for kids her age. Today she was able to write them properly without me having to correct her. That is a  big step for her since we have been working so hard on fixing it.

      Also we had a spelling success. We use All About Spelling for our spelling curriculum and she really dreads it. The curriculum is a really great curriculum it has helped her so much in the 8 weeks we have been using it. She has come a long way from when we first started this year. Well we took a little break from the spelling since we both get frustrated with it. Zoei tends to over think things and makes the work harder than it should be. Well today we were working on short i sound and words. She was able to sound out about 10 words and spell them. Some she had to fix but for the most part she did very well. We did get a little frustrated but we were able to work through it. Today was a pretty darn good day.  I am very proud with how far Zoei has come since we started this year.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Virtual Homeschool Co-op

Hey Guys,

      This will be a pretty quick blog post. I just wanted to let y'all know that I have joined the Virtual Homeschool Co-op! If you are interested there is a banner to the right that you can click on. It will take you to the VHC website. I am so excited to be apart of this online community. I will be making videos on my youtube channel with the assignments for the VHC. I have already posted 2 videos for the VHC so check them out. I joined later than everyone else but I am slowly catching up. Thank you for reading hope you check out the VHC.