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My lovely Family

My lovely Family

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Zoei & Weston
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Monday, January 16, 2017

Cup of Tea.

Are you a tea lover? I am from the South so I love me some tea. I received these products courtesy of Pure Leaf & Influenster for sampling purposes. Let me just say that I was super excited to be chosen for this box. Like I said I love tea and trying new flavors. I was sent the Black tea with Vanilla and the Pure leaf citrus tea. I like my tea with a little bit of honey in it. These you can drink any way you like.

Friday, January 13, 2017


I have been slacking on my interaction. I kind of took a little break from everything. I have taken some time to myself along with spending it with my family. I have videos I need to edit and get up. I have plans for the blog in the next few months. I have also been playing with my Christmas present. I have made some things and learning how to work with vinyl. That is a whole other blog post. I am getting over a little cold too so the relaxing has been nice. 
        Update I am still doing the whole 30 if you follow me on Instagram I have posted some of my meals there. I of course slacked on posting on some days plus I am sure it was getting boring seeing them every day.  I am on day 12 and feeling good. I have lost some weight so far I know I wasn’t supposed to weigh myself but I caved on that.  I am feeling great I have energy and I am not feeling like I am hungry all the time.

My body is noticing that I am feeding it whole natural foods. My cravings for sweets are down to a minimum now which is great in the first week it was HORRIBLE!!! I wanted EVERYTHING!!  I am pretty excited to see how much weight I can lose or have lost at the end of this challenge. I am more focused on my eating right now but plan to add more activity into my day. I have my bike that I can ride around the neighborhood and possible go to the gym when I can.

Enough about my food and weight. We had 2 snow days here in Oklahoma! We were pretty darn excited about this since we barely get snow. We get some every other year or so. This time it was good snow and it stuck for 2 whole days. The kids and I had a blast playing in it. We had a little snowball fight and our dogs were having a blast as well. That is one of the videos I have to get edited. I really have slacked on getting things done. On a plus side I gained memories with my family. I think that outweighs some other things. This picture is one  of my favorites from the day. I also added a little clip of the fun we had. 

            This is what I have been up to. I apologize for not posting so often I do have plans for upcoming posts. So, keep an eye out for content in the future. Thank you to all that read my posts and that take the time to comment. I really appreciate it. <3

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Healthy Lifestyle Change


      The new year is bringing Big changes. We eat a mostly paleo lifestyle but of course cheat a good bit here or there. We changed to a paleo lifestyle half way through the year this year. It was a great change my husband was able to lose 15lbs by just cutting out processed food that I thought we NEEDED to have. By Need to have I mean a dinner being meat, veggie, and a carb like rice or potatoes. My husband was told he needed to change his lifestyle to help his health. They recommended the paleo lifestyle. I researched it and seemed it would be a great fit for us since we mostly hunt for our own meat when we can plus already eat veggies at every dinner. We tried quitting cold turkey and switch to strictly paleo which was a huge mistake. We should have waited a little bit and put our toes in the water first.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Homeschooling Fail's

Homeschooling is amazing but also has it’s ups and downs. I know for us we have struggled with some areas while homeschooling over these 3 years. I plan to expand on them in the post. I plan to share our fails in hopes that it will help others that decide to homeschool in the future. Our homeschool is far from perfect I have made mistakes but with that comes victories. This year we have made a lot more victories than mistakes. This is the first year that I can say homeschooling is going and looking like the way I wanted it to two years ago.

I went into homeschool knowing absolutely nothing. I mean it’s a big decision how could I not have any information. Well, our decision was sort of last minute one. We had all the intentions to sign Z up for Kindergarten. When we went to sign her up we didn’t like the way the staff treated us as parents. I also heard about kindergarteners talking about things that should not be discussed at that age level. From there we made the choice to homeschool. I thought that homeschooling would benefit Z. There are plenty of books out there along with youtube videos and blogs that have information on homeschooling.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Anniversary weekend

           This weekend was our Anniversary weekend. Our 6-year anniversary was Friday the 9th.  We had date plans for Sunday since we had stuff planned for Saturday already. This weekend was full of fun. It was an amazing anniversary weekend. We were happy we were able to spend time with each other and do something we both love.

            On Friday, I baked cookies for a cookie party at a friend’s house. I chose to bake two different kinds of cookies. I love mint, especially during the holiday season. I chose to make some chocolate mint grasshopper cookies. They weren’t as the picture that is in the recipe but they did taste absolutely amazing. I also chose to make thumb print cookies since the husband isn’t a huge mint person. I also played a little bit on the

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fun hands on activities for sight words

Having trouble getting your child to learn letters or sight words?  Here are some ways that I have used in our homeschool to get my daughter to learn. These are fun ways that help the kids be hands on. My daughter is very hands on learner when I introduced her to these she was excited to “play” learn.  These are just a few ways that I have tried so far that work for us.  I have seen an improvement by adding these to our school days. I try to make learning fun for my kids. (This post has affiliate links added and I may receive compensation if products are purchased through the links.) So, let’s get started.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

How I was Injured.

Injury update? If you are new to the blog I was injured on the 10th of June. I was at my annual training for the National guard. We were in Kansas and I live in Oklahoma.  We were on a live fire range qualifying on our weapons. There were only 3 teams/trucks going down range to qualify my truck and another two trucks. We were working out butts off to try and get these qualifications knocked out. When I got hurt we didn’t have much longer left on out training.
My truck just got done on the firing line so we dropped off all our spent brass off to the ammo shack. Then I started to ground guide (walk) the truck back around the gravel parking lot to get back in line to go back down range. I was walking in front of the Humvee so my driver can see me.  I went to slowly turn to look over my shoulder to check the distance between myself and the Humvee. I guess there wasn’t enough room like I was hoping to find.